Maybe Japan is not famous as a flower country. However there are nice places to see beautiful flowers nationwide. When you visit Japan, take time to visit those places. I’m sure you’ll be amazed and won’t be able to stop taking pictures. They make you take your mind off everything.

1.  Hokuto city in Yamanashi prefecture

Every summer, there’s a big sunflower festival with around 600000 sunflowers in Hokuto city. It’s a symbol of their summer. Also the city set sunflower as the city flower. You’ll get speechless for the great views. When the weather is nice, you can take a picture of them against a background of South Alps or Mt. Fuji.

2. Hattori nouen ajisai yashiki in Chiba prefecture

It looks like a forest of hydrangea. They say there are 10000 hydrangea of 250 kinds. When you are there, it feels like that even ones that are getting worse have a kind of something nice. Looking down the hydrangea or looking up at them. Let’s make immerse yourself in lots of hydrangea and unwind there.

3. Yuenchi Gurinpa in Shizuoka prefecture

This is an amusement park at the second station of Mt. Fuji. In the spring, there’s a big tulip festival with 200000 tulip of 21 types. Bright colors of tulip and blue Mt. Fuji are the best. During the festival, they serve foods and drinks related to tulip and local specialties around Mt. Fuji. The amusement area is next to the tulip field, so you should make a plan how to spend a time there!

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