When I eat udon at home, I always buy udon noodles at supermarket. But the other day I made it from flour and did a great job with it. So this time I’ll show you how to make udon noodles at home. Let’s try!

Ingredients : for 2-3 people

・400g flour (for noodle) * if possible, all-purpose-flour would be great
・Some flour (for uchiko, or flour used over table when making the dough flat)
・Some salt water *make sure water and salt are balanced. They say 200ml water should contain 20g salt in it

1. Put the 400g-flour in a bowl

2. Add a little salt water to the bowl and mix everything well with your hand

Check the thickness of the dough every time you mix flour with salt water. Repeating this until the dough becomes the right thickness to the extent

The dough needs more water
Good enough!

3. Leave the dough as it is for an hour

This process is for increasing gluten that’s necessary for chewy texture. Not to get the dough dry, cover the bowl or the dough with something. I used

4. Put some flour over the table and put the dough on it

This process is for the dough not to stick to the table.

5. Make the dough flat with a rolling pin

Noodles become thicker when boiled. If you want thinner noodle, you would make the thickness of the dough about 2-3mm.

About 3mm thin

6. Roll it

You can cut the dough easily by doing this.

7. Cut it

If you want thicker noodle, you should cut it wide. If not, cut it thin. The boiled noodle could become tripe the size of noodle

It’s about 5-8 mm wide and for a big portion.
After cutting, put some flour over the noodles so that they don’t stick to each other.

8. Boil a lot of water in a large pot and put the noodles into it

Stir the pot just after you put the noodles into the pot, in order not to stick to the bottom of the pot.

9. Boil the noodles for 10 minutes

When the noodles are starting to float, it means they are ready. Stir the pot sometimes.

10. Take the noodle from the pot and rinse it

It is to take off slime on the surface of the noodle rubbing the noodle on the bowl.

11. Eat it in your favorite way

I made such a soup for udon noodles. The soup has pork, deep fried eggplant and green pepper without breading or butter in it. Put some noodles into the soup, and then slurp them.

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