I teach Japanese online for over one year. My students are from around the world, beginners to advanced. My lesson is really interactive. You won’t be just sitting and listening to my lesson in front of your laptop. I will get you to speak more Japanese than I do. You don’t have to speak perfect Japanese in my lesson. I know it takes a lot of time to become a fluent speaker. I am also learning English too.

I can teach you in both Japanese and English. Don’t be nervous. Just relax in my lesson. I like talking, My lesson never goes silent. For beginners, let’s start with learning Hiragana, which is the most basic form of Japanese language. We have three forms, Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. For advanced learners, let’s do a free talk. I can talk about from hobbies to world affairs, economy, politics. Let’s learn Japanese with me! 🙂

あいうえお : Hiragana アイウエオ : Katakana  合井宇江尾 : Kanji * These are all pronounced “a, i, u, e, o”

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