Hi, Thank you for visiting my site! I’m Haruyo and live in Japan.

I was born and raised in Japan. I really love traveling so much both domestically and internationally. Through my trip in Japan, I’ve touched many beautiful places, cultures, traditions and foods. So I want you to know about Japan a lot through me. I get curious easily. Wherever and whenever I visit other countries, I want to know more about their culture, foods, history and life of the locals. Since I am the person like this, I want to help those kind of people who want to know Japan too. Any questions are fine. Politics is also good. I will provide answer as long as I know. Let’s enjoy Japan together.

Backstory of the Website

When I used to be a sales staff at Japanese souvenir shop, sometimes I asked tourists where they were going or what part of Japan they had visited. Most of them answered, “Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Gifu and Tokyo.”, those are the most famous tourist spots in Japan.
I know it’s because these places appear on Japan guide books. But I also know there are more other beautiful places in Japan. That is how I started this website in order to show what I see and experience in person to the world. All of the content are based on my real life experience.

Details of What I Do

Japan tour guide – Creating internally, Booking, Guiding

Content creator – writing blogs, making movies

Japanese language tutor – teaching Japanese online

Mizuhiki artist – Creating works with Mizuhiki, which is a Japanese traditional thing