Hi! Today’s post is for bridge lovers. There are many kinds of bridges across Japan. Big one, Strange shape one or traditional one that I was wondering how they were made. I often go to see bridges when I find them while traveling. Seeing bridges from far away or up close both are good. This time I’ll show you three bridges.

1. Horai bridge in Shizuoka prefecture

Horai bridge is listed to Guinness World Record as “the longest wooden footbridge”. It’s 897.4 meters long and was built in 1879. You have to pay a fee for walking on it. When I was walking across, it was windy and made me feel worried if I blew away. In addition, the sides of the bridge are low. It’s another reason why I thought so. There’s a place looking down the whole bridge at the other side of the river. It’s definitely the place to take pictures of the bridge.

2. Saruhashi in Yamanashi prefecture

Saru as in Saruhashi means monkey. Cute name, isn’t it? Saruhashi is known  by people as “Kai no Saruhashi”. “Kai” is the old name of Yamanashi prefecture. Also Saruhashi is one of the three strangest bridges in Japan. Why’s that? The answer is on the right and left sides of the bridge. Do you notice the sides of the bridge is a bit off? This four layers are called “Hanegi” for holding up the bridge instead of piers. The valley here is so deep that piers couldn’t be built. Apparently the structure of Hanegi comes from many monkeys piled up to get to the other side.

3. Kintaikyo in Yamaguchi prefecture

I love Kintaikyo. Kintaikyo is also one of the three strangest bridges in Japan. Made of wood, arch shape and small island made of stones that is for connecting arch are all best. Although Kintaikyo was built in 1673, about 350 years ago, its structure is still said to be perfect in terms of the modern construction techniques. Kintaikyo with cherry blossoms in Spring, greenery on mountain in Summer are all beautiful. It’s lit up at night too. I highly recommend you take the time to go to Kintaikyo if you visit Hiroshima prefecture. It’s not so far from Hiroshima and worth visiting.



1.蓬莱橋 (静岡県)






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