Hi there. It’s been hot in Tokyo these days. It feels like I’m in summer. Where has spring gone? Still April now, though! Anyway, speaking of summer, I love fireworks shows! Today I’ll show you my favorite wonderful fireworks shows in Japan. I’m sure those will make your trip to Japan even more special.

1. Omagari fireworks show in Akita prefecture

Omagari fireworks show is said to be one of the three best fireworks show in Japan. Different from typical ones, Omagari fireworks show is a competition of fireworks. Fireworks company that apply for the show creates fireworks following three categories and compete in the show.

As competition, all the fireworks are super fantastic. Since each one is big, it looks like they’re falling on you! By the way, you may think fireworks shows are held at night, right? But Omagari fireworks show has two. One in the daytime and one in the evening. Since it’s still light in the daytime, colored smoke is set off like fireworks, instead of real fireworks. All the same it’s a competition.

Hiruhanabi or fireworks in the daytime

Lastly, although some judges give a score to each work, spectator can do the same thing on the brochure published by the organizer. It’s really fun to give a score by myself and share it with someone to see how many scores they give. I’m sure it’ll become a great memory for you.

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