What do you think of when it comes to Japanese pottery? Arita pottery, Hasami pottery, Kutani pottery? – of course these are the famous that symbolize Japan.
But do you know Mino pottery, which is mainly produced in the eastern part of Gifu prefecture? The history goes back 1300 years. The characteristic of the pottery is nothing – I’m not saying that down. But it also means Mino pottery go perfect in many situation. Not only in a dairy life but also in a special situation. If you want to look around the pottery as much as you like and find the best one, Michinoeki Shino-Oribe is the perfect place for you. Many different kinds of table ware, displays and something else in Mino pottery gather here.

There are many things beyond your imagination in Mino pottery.
First, can you believe that almost all designs are painted by people? No wonder how hard it is, but they do. Things with hand-painted design have unique atmosphere, which machine-painted doesn’t have. It should be no other thing that the same as one. It should be unique in the world.

Second, various shapes and colors of table wares are waiting for you. Do you remember I told you that Mino pottery didn’t have specific characteristic? That’s made Mino pottery special. I have no doubt you can find the best one.

Lastly, it doesn’t go through wholesale. It means you can get one at cheaper price. Besides that, sometimes there are some discounts. Reasonable one you can get. 

Other than table ware, there are some displays made of pottery. Take these Kabuto for example. It was almost the day of Kids day in Japan. If you already have enough table ware in your house, why don’t you touch Mino pottery with displays like this?

Kabuto or helmet used in old war period. It was to protect your head.

Michinoeki Shino-Oribe

2-13-1, Izumi kitayamacho, Toki city, Gifu prefecture, Japan
Post code : 509-5171 Open hour : 9:00-18:00

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