Japan guide tour

Japan guide tour

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Let's see Japan a lot!

Places, times and language (Japanese or English).. all can be customized with you.
Whatever your request such as 1 hour to 1 day and anywhere through Hokkaido to Okinawa, is just 5000 yen.

If you are worried about traveling in Japan due to the difference of language, culture, food and more, I'll help you. I'll get rid of any worries you have.

I'll tell you anything about Japan like culture, tradition, history, life and even politics. :-) (As long as I know.)

It comes from that wherever I visit other countries, I want to know them a lot.
Of course now I can look them up online and get answer easily. But I prefer to know from the locals, because it's real and closest to now.
I want to help those like me know about Japan.

And also, I can give you a ride and take photos. Every guide tour, I'll give you some photos after a guide tour.

If you are thinking about it, you first send your request from CONTACT page! And let's make a plan together. 
My goal is to make you enjoy, know about Japan a lot.
Feel free to ask me everything.

*For example*
- If you want to visit somewhere where you need car.
--- I'll drive you there!

- If you want to speak Japanese.
--- I'll talk in Japanese. I can adapt my Japanese to your Japanese levels!
     Let's learn Japan in Japanese.

- If you want to know everything about Japan like culture, tradition, foods.. and something related to life.
--- I'll tell you about it!

- If you want to get my portrait taken.
--- I'll take photos of you in your trip!

- If you want to try some activities.
--- Good! If it needs reservation, I'll book them instead of you.