Miyagi #Day4 Okama

Today is our last day of our trip to Miyagi prefecture. We stayed at Zao area last night, so it takes only about one hour to Okama by motorbike.

Okama is a caldera lake. It's between Yamagata and Miyagi prefecture.

On the way to Okama, there is a car park with the cable car. You can go to Okama by it too. But we go straight to Okama this time! As going up and up, plants on the mountains are disappearing. You know that's because we are beyond a certain height that the plants cannot grow anymore.

Finally we get to Okama. When we look at mountains on the other side of Okama, there's like see of clouds! What a lucky we are. 

Okama, the last spot in this trip, really impresses us. I can't believe nature made it. Things nature made are always awesome, don't you think?


Okama is very big lake. It seems there was a very big explosion in the past. Also we can imagine there used to be a huge mountain. You can see Okama from different angles! I wish I could see it from top. It must be beautiful too. I'm sure that Okama can be absolutely great even seeing by it especially it's a nice day! But having said that, it's still great even on a cloudy day. I'll definitely come back again on a sunny day next time!

The fence is all around Okama. You can see it from different angles.

I heard that the water in Okama is so acidity that there are no creatures at all in it. I can imagine that.

There are many ups and downs around Okama.

Next to Okama. There must have been a huge mountain.

As today's the last day of the four days weekend, we leave here before noon to avoid the traffic. On the way home, we go on a highway through Yamagata prefecture. Anywhere you look around, there is only rice field!! It's in the middle of growing so the rice plant of the beautiful green color is gently moving with breeze. The sight is really impressing. Especially I sit on the back of the motorbike, which is a little higher than the front, I can see it very well. There is even no telephone pole at all. I can keep seeing the sight for a long time. How many times do I think that I want to take the picture of it? When I see such a beautiful sight while I'm on the motorbike, I always think I want to take a picture of it. But I can't. It may be dangerous to do that riding the motorbike. I should remember what I can see.

The sight is really awesome especially that there is no buildings and houses but continuous rice fields.



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Okama http://www.eboshi.co.jp/green/okama/




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