Miyagi #Day3-1 Shiogama shrine

I found that there is a shrine called Shiogama shrine near Matsushima, our destination today. We'll go to the shrine first.

It's raining too today. My shoes has already soaked for raining three days in a row. So I cover my feet with a plastic bag then put on my shoes. It's pretty better than I thought, actually.

The torii of Shiwahiko shrine.

Back to the story. Actually there are two shrines at Shiogama shrine. The other is Shiwahiko shrine. This time I visit Shiogama shrine and I write about it. Shiogama shrine is amazing, especially when you look it up from the torii near the start of the stairs of it. There are about 800 steps! Can you believe this? I think long stairs looks good on shrine. The emperor of Japan has visited here sometimes.

Shiogama shrine.

There is a small cafe called TSUKUSHI cafe near the torii and we take a break there. I order the master's original banana cake. It's so tasty. He tells us that there is the local newspaper that is still kept from Showa era to now. I have it seen. I think that people used to write anything directly compared to now. For example, if something like a guy get another guy's girl friend in the local happens, the name of all the people involved will be written. They don't describe in euphemism. Sometimes I have a laugh about its direct expression in a newspaper. Here Shiogama town is very small, so no one could keep anything secret in an old age.

Surprisingly not many people visit here, in spite of such a great shrine. Leave it to me, owner. I'll definitely make the shrine much more popular, I promise him. For me, this place will become one of the places I'll definitely take someone to who visit Miyagi prefecture. All the foods made by the owner are awesome too!


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Shiogama and Shiwahiko shrine http://www.shiogamajinja.jp/
TSUKUSHI cafe https://www.instagram.com/shiogama.tsukushi/?igshid=7g0v0kf0owcp








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