Miyagi #Day2-2 Oshika peninsula

Kesennuma city is famous for its seafood. I love it so much too. I'll look for seafood bowl for lunch then. Kesennuma city has a app that provides information about restaurants, tourist spots, shopping and more in Kesennuma city. The hotel we stayed last night gave us 3000 points of the app, that is for 3000 yen, so we'll use them for lunch. However there is not so many places that we can use the points. We found a restaurant that says "we can accept point" on the app. Then we go there. As the check, the staff says "I'm sorry but I don't know well how to deal with points. Could you please pay cash?". Finally we pay cash. I think to create the app is good to cheer up the city, but at the same time you should teach people on-the-spot how to deal with it. There is no point it cannot be used on-the-spot even if they make new app. The curry I ordered is tasty, by the way.


After that, we go to Oshika peninsula. It is stuck out in the Pacific ocean. I wanted to visit an area called "SEAPAL-PIER ONAGAWA" in Onagawa town on the way to the peninsula, that is full of restaurants and stores. Unfortunately we don't have enough time, then we give up. Go straight to the peninsula. The observatory of our destination is further than I thought. The weather is getting worse and worse while going there. I get worried. Oshika peninsula is originally huge. You have to prepare enough time if you go to the end of it. I'm thinking about if I should keep going on or go back just from here. If we go back now, maybe we won't waste so much time. But I think we may be almost there... After a minutes, I decide to keep on going as it is.

It is foggy when we finally arrive at the observatory.  We can't see nice views from there that can usually be nice. We take the picture of the bridge and the information signs to prove we visit here. While taking pictures we notice a wild deer over there. Thanks for coming to see us, deer!

Next day we visit Matsushima, so we stay in Sendai city tonight.


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