Miyagi #Day2-1 The Great East Japan Earthquake memorial museum

There is a small hill on the other side of the hotel we stay where the sidewalk with red colored fence is around it. As I can't help noticing I drop by before going to The Great East Japan Earthquake memorial museum.

We park a motorbike at a port. The people working in construction there take us to the sidewalk. The place feels like a holy place for me. Is that because I'm Japanese? It looks like time flies slowly. I start to walk slowly too. In the middle of the sidewalk I find a stairs to the summit of the hill and walk up.

There is a shrine on top of the hill and the owner of it lives there too. Then we walk back down the stairs. A small space with roof called Ukiyo-do is around the start of it. The fence is red and the roof is light green. It looks like a holy place too for me, it's just a normal place though. I want to take pictures of it but I give up since there are other people too. I only take a picture of it with no people.



Then we go to The Great East Japan memorial museum in Kesennuma city, where is a main spot in our trip to Miyagi. In Miyagi prefecture there are some other damaged places too. The reason for choosing here to visit is that I was shocked just from the pictures here. In addition I have a solid image for Kesennuma city as "Kesennuma city was the worst damaged place by earthquake."

The part of memorial museum is the high school, that was actually damaged at that time and is kept as it was. There is almost nothing around the museum. I wonder if there used to be something before the earthquake. First I see a video saying how things were like in the city on that day March 11, the earthquake happened. 

The sign in front says "nurse's office".

What you can see in the video is all real. There are some parts people recorded on their phone. Their conversation, saying and crying at that time are all in the video.

In the video, I hear people screaming. I hear people saying "Run, anyway! runaway right now!" to the people who was still driving in the city as Tsunami was coming nearby.  I don't know if he or she was actually in the middle of running away.

Textbooks at that time have stayed as it was.

A lot of water is coming into the city from the ocean. The ships got all away by the water. I'm shocked how easy it is. The city is getting covered with water. I hear people crying since their house got away. It's really tough for me to keep on watching and listening to it. After the water's flowing stopped then fire started left and right. Actually the power of the water going back to ocean is more powerful than coming from ocean. I've learned lessons a lot how I should act the next time natural disaster happens.

After watching the video we walk around the school. The school has three floors. But in a class on the third floor, there is a car being upside down, a big wood that is about 20-meter-long. I wonder how they were flown into a class at such a height. Five broken cars are outside. The roof of the sports hall is gone. There used to be a building for freezing fresh fish near the school and it was flown too, then bumped against the school. However, fortunately, the school was a little damaged at the edge. What a relief.

When this such a terrible disaster happened, American army in Japan gathered there to do "Tomodachi sakusen" or a strategy for my friends. In a word, they gathered to save and help people there. When I see the photos of that I am about to cry, actually. It doesn't matter where you are from. Just save as many lives as possible. I can learn how beautiful the feeling is "do for someone". 





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