Miyagi #Day1-1 Naruko gorge

The Great East Japan Earthquake happened in 2011. Miyagi prefecture is one of the prefectures that was damaged a lot by it. So there were many disaster areas in Miyagi. Some of them are now facilities telling you about such a worst disaster. I've always wanted to visit there for years.

We have four-days weekend in July in Japan so we decide to go on a trip to Miyagi in that days. Actually Tokyo Olympic 2020 was supposed to take place during the days but it just became a normal weekend just like other weekends too.

It was likely to be bad weather just during the four days. So my motivation for that was declining off and on. I was thinking if we should go to Miyagi or other areas around Tokyo to relax so I didn't rented a car yet.

It was too late when I finally decided to go to Miyagi. There were no cars available. But luckily we have a motorbike. We looked up on google map how long it takes to motorbike to Miyagi. It said only four hours and it was as much as by car, so we did.

...only to find we'll never motorbike to far places again.

In this trip to Miyagi, the rough route in four days is that Naruko gorge → Katanuma pond  (stay at Kesennuma city) → The Great East Japan earthquake museum → Ojika peninsula → Matsushima → Okama.
I don't like a tight schedule so we decided to visit up to two places a day.

We expect to reach there as the schedule. But as time passes we are getting annoyed and tired because of starting to rain and some body pain. We have been blown directly for hours. No wonder we get tired pretty quickly. We take a break a few times and have to drive slower when raining. We don't think we can make it on time. It also makes us annoyed too. Take a break to refresh but get tired soon while driving. We keep on it over and over until arriving at the first destination. We are in a vicious cycle.

We ended up arriving at Naruko gorge, our first place in Miyagi, two hours beyond the schedule. But we've got to thank we made it safely.

Actually we don't expect there'll be many tourists. This month can be in the period that you had to refrain from traveling, we are traveling now though. I'm surprised many people are coming. We are all friends!

I change to one of my favorite clothes dress that I had made in Malawi. Then start to explore Naruko gorge.

I love green season as well as autumn season. I feel happy surrounded by a lot of greenery. I hear the sound of river flowing and walk towards it. There is a small waterfall. No crowds, lots of greenery and the sound of water. There is nothing quite like that. I really like something like that. 

As it's just in the peak of summer season many kinds of bugs are there. Usually I freak out when I see a bug but I don't this time. I think it's probably because I have an extra heart to enjoy everything now. Some bugs are what I haven't seen before. I realize I still have a ways to go.





旅のルートは、鳴子峡→潟沼→気仙沼市泊→東日本大震災伝承館→牡鹿半島→松島→御釜 を3泊4日で。





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