Aomori trip #Day1-2 Hachinohe city

After lunch at Hasshoku center, we went to Hachinohe lime mine.
This is a place to dig limestone. And there is a observatory called canyon observatory to see the entire mine.

View of the entire mine from the observatory

It is 170 meter below sea level. After digging limestone, people deliver by track for short distance. But if for remote area, limestone are delivered through pipe under the ground, even under residential area! Then get together at port and deliver by ship or making it cement first then deliver.
When I visited, there are some tracks and cranes, and they looked too small. They looks like miniture cars or toys.
That means Hachinohe lime mine is so huge.

Cranes from the observatory

Usually they dig at noon on weekdays, so you can't visit during that time. A actual tire used in cranes and tracks there is next to the observatory.
It seems to have the diameter of two meter and half.

Maybe you'll be confused when visiting there since the entrance of the observatory doesn't look normal.
In my case, I thought it was just a construction site!
But no problem at all. Going through the road, you can get to the observatory.

I hope you'll visit there once since they really look toys!!

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