Sooo hot. I can't put up with it anymore..

Hi. I'm Haruyo.

This year it's much quite hot in Japan.
The rainy season was much longer than usual, I thought it was probably because of the effect of global warming.
Right after it ended, everyday just became hot. Until now the temperature has been always over 30 degrees, sometimes around 35 degrees. Can you believe this?
I feel like I'll melt.

Yesterday I went out to get something from a convenient store around 1:00 pm. I thought I was able to see mirage in the city. The view was covered with mist... I thought.
I heard that just 20 or 30 years ago, it was rare the temperature was over 30 degrees. But now, over 30 is not strange. When around 35, forecast and news warn.
People are used to it.

I wonder what it'll be in 10 years!

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