Just 1% of inspiration.

Hi, I'm Haruyo. 

My smartphone got submerged again the other day. But this time, my phone got into miso soup. Luckily only its upper part did, so it was saved. What a relief.

Anyway, it was hard for me to get rid of the piece of Mizuhiki which was always thrown away.  I was trying to think about how I should use them for. Then I noticed our shop had flat paper bags. I came up with the idea to create small decoration with the piece then put it on the paper bag. That would help the plain paper bags look a little gorgeous. I could make 4 or 5 kinds of small decorations from the piece and that would reduce trash. And above all, that would be a easy way to get people around the world to interest Mizuhiki. That is one of my dream.

Of course there is no tourist at all in Tokyo now. Everyday only 4 or 5 Japanese groups come to my shop. Sometimes customer ask me for a easy-wrapping. In that case, that flat paper bags with Mizuhiki are useful. What's more, they are all free.

I can feel positive reaction for the paper bag with Mizuhiki from customers. For example, a woman was going to have only one, but she finally had several ones. Another woman asked me to have things easy-wrapped with the bags many times. A customer did if she could get several ones to give away to my friends. I'm glad to that. Before that, with no Mizuhiki, nobody asked like that. 

Now increase in the piece of Mizuhiki is faster than using for paper bags. To deal with that, I think I will have to use more and more. Then I came up with a new idea to create a new decoration to put other decorations together. That made me excited so much.

I think the piece is usually thrown. But if you see it from another aspect, maybe it'll become a new thing. Maybe it'll become something to please someone.

It's the way of thinking that matters.

But remember, I happened to notice the pieces of Mizuhiki this time. Maybe I don't think about other thing just like a trash. The important thing is to listen to your heart. That's what I want to say here. All you need is just 1% inspiration. (In this case it might be "recognition"?)


In Malawi.









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