I thought I could stop sweating in a train.

Hi. I'm Haruyo.

Yesterday, while walking to a train station, I always think that it's almost, it's almost to a train. I'll feel cool in a train. But yesterday... my wish was ruined. I couldn't stop sweating a lot even in a train...why!?

I hoped please turned down the AC a lot. a lot. a looooot!
Of course, the AC ended up keeping on working in the same temperature until I got to the stop.

Yesterday I saw the news that it reached 54 degrees in Death Valley in the US.
54 degrees !? In Japan, the highest temperature post record 40 degrees in Hamamatsu city. It's plus 14 degrees to it. I can't believe...

I wonder what it's going to be like when people are there.

Now I'm under the AC and writing it.
But it'll be lunch time soon and I'll have to go out to get some from a convenient store. 
I want to stay here for hours.


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