Being able to eat is one of the good skills.

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

I just started the personal training service last week for the first time in my life. And to control meal is starting today.

Yesterday was the day that both I can eat any foods I like and I must take calories about twice as much as I usually have. That's because I have to make my body understood "I'm having enough calories" for the next two weeks I'm controlling the amount of calories on purpose.

However that was far too hard for me. I think it's harder than controlling calories. I have to eat even if I'm full, I have no appetite. 
That day became a hard day for me to eat a lot to get over 2500 kcal. The more I eat, The more I go to toilet. That's not exaggeration. It's true. I don't know how many times it happened.

But what I think the best way for my victory for that is I ate a much high calorie food in the early morning. I thought it was a nice strategy. Of course I was feeling bad while eating it, but a few hours later, I wouldn't feel anything bad. 

On the contrary, if the time between each meal is short you may think "I still have xx calories left. I have to take it in an hour." then maybe you feel down.

Sorry but let me say that once again. I did a great job eating a much high calorie food earlier in the morning. It was the highest calories in the foods I ate for the day, by the way.

When I managed to get beyond the minimum line of the amount, I was relieved. It was so tough day anyway. Appetite was important, and being able to eat is a great skill, I realized so.


In New Calédonie.









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