The view towards Hamakanaya station

There is a small mountain called “Nokogiri yama(saw mountain)” in Boso peninsula.
Though the height of it is low but it is famous for “Jigogu-nozoki(look into hell)”

The photo of Jigogu-nozoki (look into hell)

Jigogu-nozoki is located on the top of the mountain.
You may feel fear when you look into the below of it.

Before I tried it I thought I didn’t feel fear but I actually felt fear… hehe.

The mountain itself isn’t difficult to climb.
I climbed from the parking area of the mountain then I could reach the top for 20 minutes.

There are the other routes except the top.
I went hiking to great image of Buddha. In the way to there, you can see so many small jizo.

The photo of the great Buddha in Nokogiri yama

The great Buddha is so huge.
There is also shrine so if you collect letters let’s get a letter here.

The monument in futsu cape

Futsu cape is located from nokogiri yama for less than 1 hour by car.
The cape faces tokyo bay so you can feel breeze here.

The monument is called the sightseeng tower of memorial meiji era has been 100 year. (I’m sorry I don’t know its english name is correct or not)

Its shape seems five-needle pine which is japanese style tree and planted on shrines and temples in Japan.

The sand beach at Tokyo bay.

I could see the sand beach at Tokyo bay at futsu cope.
I think it appear by low water. I wonder I could walk to there.

Boso peninsula is also famous for fresh fishes.
Let’s enjoy having lunch using them !


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