In Japan, New Caledonia is known for the island nearest heaven because of white sands on seashore, and very popular among Japanese.

but it’s for an isolated island, the main island(Grande Terre island) is very local island and you can feel time flies slowly here.

Anse vata beach photo in the end of March, 2019

Anse vata beach in front of Nuvata hotel and Hilton hotel, whenever I went there, local people spent times on conversation with their friends or family, lying down to feel breeze, eating lunch, training, playing marine sports…and so on.
I always felt warm because they seemed enjoying their times.

In marine sports, wind surfing seems very popular. They play it while wind blows hardly in the afternoon. If you become interest it, whenever you can try it there because marine sports provider stands there.

Local people play “Pétanque” at Anse vata beach

Playing “Pétanque” is born in France. Local people in New Caledonia love playing it.
The rule is very simple. The person who can throw iron balls to the nearest to the super ball(the pink ball in the photo) is winner.
They all have my iron balls and are playing with their friends in the evening. Do you want to try it ?

A local super market photo in the end of March, 2019

Super markets may useful in New Caledonia because the prices are high. Vegetables, breads and fruits are cheaper than other foods. You should cook yourself if you want save money there. I think even side dishes are a little high.
I went to super markets everyday while I stayed because of saving money. But I stayed at hotel without kitchen so I ate just breads and fruits for lunch at anse vata beach !

I had thought fruits are made from New Caledonia, but New Zealand !
I wanted to try eat all fruits.


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