Nagano pref has such a beautiful road which is surrounded green forests and weeds.

Venus road in the middle of June 2016

Such a beautiful load is called “venus road”, it cover a wide range of from Suwa lake to Utsukushigahara-kogen in Nagano prefecture.
In the summer, venus road will be filled with green color like wallpaper of windows.

Venus road runs on a high height, so if you want to see a view like the photo, you should go there in June.

Venus road in the middle of June 2016

Though I went to there by a car many person with motorbike also come there. Venus road is famous for touring road. Wherever you can stop when you want to stop to see a nice view.

Venus road in the middle of June 2016

You can see a different view at the each spots in the venus road.
I took the photo near Mt.kirigamine.

Venus road in the beginning of September 2018

I took the photo near Shirakaba lake. Can you see hotels around the lake and in the slope of the mountain? In the winter ski course will be opened there.

And there is a area in venus road which you can hear melody when you drive on. Have you find it?


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