Kurobana beach photo in the middle of July 2018
Oganeku beach photo in the middle of July 2018

The beautiful yoron blue attracts everyone live in Japan

Kagoshima pref include many islands, one of the islands is Yoron island.

The sea around Yoron island is blue color and very clear so called “Yoron blue”.
You will feel amazing and surprising such a blue color when you see the sea coming from roads every time.

Many fishes swim even shallows so you can enjoy snorkeling there, you don’t have to go off the sea. 
You would watch a sea turtle in shallows if you are lucky. (When I went to Yoron island, I could watch three sea turtles in shallows !)

Yoron island is near Okinawa pref even belongs to Kagoshima pref, so you can go there from Okinawa pref in less time than Kagoshima pref.

The monument like yoron station photo in the middle of July 2018
The monument like yoron station photo in the middle of July 2018

Trains doesn’t run and no stations in Yoron island.
But the monument like yoron station stands southwest in Yoron island as the one of the photo spots. 

Hay rolls photo in the middle of July 2018

Hey rolls surround me left and right. Just hey rolls as the photo show and also packed hey rolls. Hey rolls is around one diameter and hard that can’t be broken if people stand on them. 

Yoron island has no tall buildings and no light at night. When it will be night you can see many stars left and right. 

Can you see the white sands in the photo? It is called Yurigahama and appears near Oganeku beach during limited time when various of conditions will match.
First, between spring and summer season. Second, ebb tide of middle tide to high tide.

During I stayed Yoron island I tried going to Yurigahama twice, but I could see Yurigahama, the white sands like a island clearly just once.  I couldn’t see the white sands clearly at another time.

You can go to Yurigahama only using tour so you should check information announced by them.


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