Your wish would come true in Kurusu-no-umi.

Kurusu-no-umi photo in the end of January 2017

Can you find a cross in the photo?

The answer is, a cross a little below the center of the photo. 
The form of the rocks look like reverse of “叶” in chinese character.
“叶” means dreams come true in japanese. And also the name of “cross” is said “kurusu” in portuguese.

So the spot is called “Kurusu-no-umi”(sea of kurusu) that your wish would come true.

The sea become dark blue in the winter season !

In the way of outlook deck photo in the end of January 2017

In the way of outlook deck is also beautiful. The curve of the road matches the view include the sea, road, wood and rocks well.

Udo-jingu shrine stands at the side of a sea is rare because the main shrine stands in the quaywall.

The entrance of Udojingu-shrine photo in the end of January 2017.
The main shrine of Udo-jingu photo shrine in the end of January 2017.

You can access to Udo-jingu shrine from Miyazaki city via Nichinan-kaigan-road-park which runs along the ocean. Many palm trees which is symbol tree of Miyazaki prefecture surround Nichinan-kaigan-road-park. You can go Udo-jingu shrine feeling you are in resort.

The entrance of Udo-jingu shrine is a little far from public parking area. Palm trees also surround it. You walk to the main shrine and down stone steps. The main shrine appears in the quaywall.

The Udo-jingu shrine is rare for those stracture.

Rocks behind the main shrine looks like a breast depends on angle you see, it is said as legend ancient goddess Toyotamahimenomikoto relocate her breasts to rocks to wish her baby will grow up safely and receive her love.

Someone still come here to wish he or her baby will born or grow up safely.

Volcano activity create ebino kogen, fudoike lake.

Mt.karakuni-dake photo in the end of January 2017.
Fudoike lake photo in the end of January 2017.

Ebino-kogen expands in the south of Ebino city and connected to Kirishima city.
Mt.karakuni-dake, Mt.shiratori and so on which is the volcano surround Ebino-kogen. 
The volcano explosion in the old time create a fudoike lake.  It is 200 meters in diameter. Water don’t flow in and out because slope surround fudoike lake. Fudoike lake has just rain water.

And also fudoike lake is dark blue because no lives there and the much depth of it. 

If the volcano is activity, you can’t stop anywhere in ebino kogen. 
Please check information on websites before you will go there.


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