Oshie zaiku

Oshie zaiku

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This is called "Oshie zaiku" in Japanese. It's one of Japanese traditional crafts.

You can probably see it like a paint on the board but Oshie zaiku is three-dimensional.
Oshie zaiku is that thick cut board with cotton are wrapped by chirimen, a kind of silk.

I met them at a local hotel. They are all made by hand and original. They can be hung on it.

It's a surprise what design you'll get!

It is said that the way of Oshie zaiku first started in Heian period, around 1000 years ago.
And it comes from the way of sticking paints on folding screen or fusuma, a kind of door in Japanese rooms at that time.
Since that women working at palace enjoyed making something like dolls with the way.
Then in Edo period, it spread through all people including the normal.
But in Showa period, it was getting disappearing. But now artisans or lovers are handing it down.