About me

Hi, Thank you for visiting my site.

I'm Haruyo and live in Japan.

I really love traveling so much.Through my trip in Japan, I've touched on many beautiful places, cultures, traditions and foods. So I want you to know about Japan a lot through me.

Usually I'm a sales staff at Japanese souvenir shop.
Sometimes I ask travelers where they are going to or has visited in Japan. Most of them answer Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Gifu and Tokyo.
Of course they are super major tourist spots of Japan. But I know there are more other beautiful places other than them. 
I really want you to know those places too.
That's why I started my shop. I want you to know about Japan through my postcards.

Also I get curious easily. wherever I visit other countries, I want to know more about culture, foods, history and life of the locals. Because I am like this, I'll tell you everything about Japan. Any questions are fine. Politics, is also good. I'll provide answer as long as I can do. If you want to know about the local's life, I'll ask them. If I face questions that I can't answer, I'll find out and answer later.

Let's enjoy Japan together.