Miyazu, Kyoto, Japan

Do you know Amano-hashidate ?It is one of the most three beautiful view of Japan.Note: The other are Matsushim […]

Nagano, Japan

Nagano pref has such a beautiful road which is surrounded green forests and weeds. Such a beautiful load is ca […]

Niigata, Japan

Kiyotsukyo gorges in tokamachi city is the one of the three biggest gorges in Japan.I visited there by a car o […]

Yamagata, Japan

Three mountains of Dewa surrounds Yudonosan shrine. Three moutains of Dewa expands shonai area in Yamagata pre […]

Miyazaki, Japan

Your wish would come true in Kurusu-no-umi. Can you find a cross in the photo? The answer is, a cross a little […]

Gunma pref, Japan

Mt.Myogi features various size and shape of rocks. Mt.Myogi is known for the Japan’s three major malform […]

Yamaguchi pref, Japan

Pleasant sea breeze, delicious seafoods and grand the bridge. Here is Shimonoseki city. Shimonoseki city is a […]

Aomori pref, Japan

Hirosaki park is famous for beautiful cherryblossoms. Cherryblossoms in there blooms at end of April. The cana […]