Seafoods, mountains and shrines around Tokyo in a day.

Hi! How are you? Today I'll introduce three spots you can visit from Tokyo in a day. If you have a day left, an extra day or want to enjoy another place tourist don't often go, those places are perfect for you.

Tokyo and neighboring prefectures are accessible each other with public transportation system. The other prefectures have different atmosphere from Tokyo. You can see different scenery too. I hope these spots will help you enjoy Japan more.

1. Miura Peninsula in Kanagawa prefecture

Miura peninsula in Kanagawa prefecture is famous for its fish industry. Especially Misaki port is known for larger catch of tuna. So tuna caught there is familiar as "Misaki maguro" with people. Your journey there will start from Misakiguchi train station on Keihin Kyuko Dentetsu line. I recommend you use "Misaki maguro kippu" from the train line. That is a promotion for visiting Miura peninsula. This includes a round trip train tickets, free pass for bus, free one meal tickets and coupons. It's reasonable. Of course there are other places to visit like a sweets shop or a park near the sea. You can spend one day enjoying seafoods, nature and sweets there.

2. Mt. Nokogiri in Chiba prefecture

It's about two hours to Mt.Nokogiri from Tokyo train station. The mountain is about 330 meters above sea level. Actually its real name is different. The nickname "Nokogiri" mean saw in English and that comes from the mountain's shape for saw. There's a observation deck that is famous and popular spot in the mountain. Of course you can see a panoramic view from it. But, one more thig. As this picture the deck stands out and you can look down from it! If you like scary things, I recommend you do. 

3. Sakatsura isosaki shrine in Ibaraki prefecture

It takes about three hours by train from Ueno train station to Sakatsura isosaki shrine in Ibaraki prefecture. Maybe Ibaraki prefecture is not as famous as other neighboring prefectures, but there is lots of attractions. This shrine has the path with such wild trees from the entrance to honden building. Great trees, isn't it? Those trees are over 300 years old of tabunoki and camellia. Camellia blooms in winter. It must be beautiful. There's a statue of turtle that is said to bring you happiness if stroking it.


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1.三浦半島 in 神奈川県


2.鋸山 in 千葉県


3.酒列磯前神社 in 茨城県


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