You get amazed in those cherry blossoms spots

Speaking of April, it's the cherry blossom season! This year in Tokyo, it was in full bloom in late March and now it looks like the blossoms are almost fallen. Japan is a long island south to north. Cherry blossoms begin blooming in the south in early March and then continue in the north. The season ends in May. You can enjoy cherry blossoms for around two months! 

This time I'd like to show you my favorite places to see beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms.

1. Hirosaki park in Aomori prefecture

I think Hirosaki park is a wonderful spot. Hirosaki castle, Mt. Iwaki those can be seen at the park as well. It's so-called a photogenic site! What's more, there are many types of cherry blossoms. Observing the difference between them is fun. Hirosaki park is so famous for its beautiful scenery of the moat around the park. Cherry trees are on the side of the moat like covering it. When cherry blossoms are falling, there will be a carpet of cherry blossom petals on the moat. That's what made the park so famous.

2. Toneri park in Tokyo

There are cherry blossom spots even in Tokyo too. One of them is Toneri park in Adachi city, one of 23 cities in Tokyo. Every year at this time, there's a festival called Senbonzakura matsuri, which literally means something like a thousand cherry tree festival. They say 1000 cherry trees are really there. Why don't you do hanami here as the park has the grass? Hanami is a Japanese custom that people enjoy cherry blossoms. There are some supermarkets nearby too. Let's get some foods and drinks and put a picnic blanket on the grass to have them with your family or friends!




1.弘前公園 in 青森県


2.舎人公園 in 東京都



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