Miyagi #Day3-2 Matsushima

After Shiogama shrine, we go to Matsushima, one of the three best scenic places in Japan. By the way Matsuhima is famous for its Gyutan or beef tongue. My husband really like a side dish of pickled vegetables in beef tongue set that are usually served. But the restaurant we happened to visit doesn't serve it. He looks a little sad. hehe

The weather is still bad today too. We decide to do window shopping until it'll be nice. But any luck. It doesn't change better in the end and we go to the famous area with such a famous red bridge.

This red bridge in Matsushima is called Fukuura bridge and crosses Fukuura island. Is there only me who think that area with red bridge looks like holy place, when I see red bridge?

That's what I learned about Matsushima in studying English below.
When The Great East Japan Earthquake happened, the coast in north east Japan was damaged a lot. However, Tsunami wasn't so bad here in Matsushima. Why? It's because of all the small islands in Matsushima area. They saved this wonderful spot at that time. So Matsushima still looks the same.

Also the local says that the red bridge has magical powers and can help you meet people. If you want to find a new boyfriend or girlfriend, why don't you come visit here?

Back to the story. You can walk around Fukuura island, crossed by the red bridge. It doesn't take a long time walking around it. You can walk seeing ocean then into the inside of the island full of greenery. I enjoy many views!

By the way, Miyagi prefecture is one of the devastated prefecture by the earthquake. With the promotion to cheer those prefectures, they set a official Pokemon, Laplus to Miyagi! Laplus is a rare Pokemon on Pokemon Go app. So they have Laplus to attract people to Miyagi.
There are many goods related to Laplus sold only in Miyagi and you can buy them across the prefecture. Manhole covers here are also Luplus design too.

I have a Mexican friend. She and I became friends at my souvenir shop and she really loves Pokemon. When we hung out together in Tokyo while she was visiting Japan, she gave me a cute Polemon-themed earring. I was happy. So this time I get some goods for her. I hope she likes them. 

That's it today. We're supposed to stay at Zao area and we start to go there earlier.

On the way we drop by the bubble tea cafe. Here everything can be all done by myself. You can take your favorite tea and bubbles as much as you want. In my case I have lots of bubble! I choose the flavor of cherry blossom carpico made by the local high school, and it is tasty!


---------Information what I write here---------

Matsushima https://www.matsushima-kanko.com/
Pokemon campaign in Miyagi https://laplace-miyagi.jp/
Self service bubble tea cafe https://tabelog.com/miyagi/A0401/A040101/4022339/
Today's hotel http://www.matukaneya.com/

Feel free to ask me for everything. Translation, Booking instead of you and more!










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