Miyagi #Day1-2 Katanuma

After we have lunch at a rest house in Naruko gorge, we go to a caldera called Katanuma. It's not far from here. As we're getting close to it we can see such a beautiful emerald blue through trees. I'm surprised how beautiful it is. It's much more beautiful to see far from it than by it.

You can never see the same color. The color changes depending on many factors such as the directions and the locations of the sun and where we are at the moment. I hope to see the one when we saw on the way, but we couldn't.

By the way you can take a boat in Katanuma. I think the color you see from boat must be different too.

We have the annual event for us. That is to take photos of us every July. It comes from we got married in July. Usually we do that having last year's photo. We planed to do for this year during this trip, but not decided where in to do. Finally we do here in Katanuma. Clear, blue water surrounded forest is good. Looks like it is sea...but actually not!

My husband gets tired and I get angry at that. It's joke!

After enjoying Katanuma, we go all the way to Kesennuma city. That's where we stay tonight. I was worried that staff would get nervous about we came from Tokyo. But there is no need to worry. They're welcoming us in kind. Just as we arrive it starts to rain. We haven't booked dinner in the hotel so we have to eat out. The staff books a restaurant called ria kitchen for us. The name might come from ria coast of Miyagi prefecture, I guess. I had a seafood bowl there. They have some Italian foods like pizza too.

A port near the hotel we stay.

We have our shoes wet because of rain. After we're back to the hotel room, we manage to dry them hard. Put in a lot of tissue inside shoes and turn on dryer for them. It goes well at first, but we're facing some problems such as the tissue is running out and we can't keep on doing dryer for a long time. We end up giving up in the middle of that. haha






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