Aomori trip #Day1-1 Hachinohe city

As we'll spend time as much as we can there, we get on Tohoku Shinkansen called hayabusa for 6 o'clock at Ueno station. There used to be only Shinkansen tickets in paper, but from March 2020, the tickets for IC cards is also available. That means we can only have IC cards to get on Shinkansen like Suica or PASMO! You should put in your IC cards unique numbers when booking.
I think this change is very helpful for everyone. We usually use IC cards in the commute. On the other hand, Shinkansen tickets are paper, so sometimes it's difficult for us to understand how to enter the Shinkansen ticket gate while changing from local trains to Shinkansen. What's more, you might get 5% or 25% discount for IC cards tickets. Though this chance is limited, overall, IC card tickets are better.
Shichinohe-Towada station.
We get off at Shichinohe-towada station. Hayabusa route is almost straight before getting in Aomori. But it isn't straight in Aomori. I didn't feel that in Shinkansen. I was wondering it's probably because of great techniques of Shinkansen.
The forecast said it would be a bad weather, but luckily it got sunny when we arrive. We rented a car at TOYOTA rent a car shop in front of the station.
Red rose flavored ice cream.
Our first destination is Hakkodasan mountain. However, it started pouring down when we get in the area around the mountain that was sunny until just now.
You can't expect the weather especially in mountain.. Then we gave up going and decided to get to Hachinohe city.
Hachinohe city is located in east of Aomori, and along pacific ocean. So Hachinohe is famous for fresh seafood!! On the way to a tourist spot of Hachinohe, we went to Hachinohe shokuhin center, or Hachinohe food center. There are many shops inside. Most are seafood and some are restaurants, fruits, snacks and souvenir shops.
The inside of Hachinohe shokuhin center.
A wide selection of sashimi.
I bought several sashimi and rice independently then eat like kaisen bowl! My husband bought sushi. They are fresh, tasty but reasonable. There are some benches and tables for rest and meals.
Lunch at Hachinohe shokuhin center.
And also, you can have a local food in Hachinohe called Senbeijiru there. Senbeijiru litellary means rice crackers soup. But I prefer sashimi, so I didn't have it this time.
I'll definitely have it the next time!

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