Aomori #Day5-2 Sannai maruyama remains

It's around 11:00 a.m. when leaving Tachineputa museum. We still have time to our bullet train, so we go to Sannai maruyama remains. It's close to Shin-Aomori train station and maybe a good place if you have an extra time or want to kill some time.

The entrance of the remains

In the remains you can enjoy exploring in the clothing at that time. I was looking forward to that. However I found out at the hotel we stayed on the first day that is called off due to COVID-19. I got disappointed. It can't be helped. Next time I'll definitely try.

Speaking of Sannai maruyama remains, the area is so huge. The houses with straw roof are restored after ones at that time and the inside is a bit cool. In addition, the inside is lower than the front of the house. I like such a structure. (I forget the name of it.) Thinking about their life in this house I wonder if they feel any pains when sleeping or sitting directly on the ground. Is that like a question that people in today's era say? I've done camping once and I couldn't put up with sleeping without anything soft between ground and me. Since then I think it very hard to sleep on the ground.

There is a big wooden frame as the symbol of the remain. I think it must have been a monitor area to protect towns. After checking website, [ the reason isn't still discovered. ](確認:明らかになる)Maybe it was a frame of the house or the one I think. Every time I see such things in an old period I always think how they build them. It must be there was no machines at all at that time. Or do I underestimate too much?

We had lunch there then go to Shin-Aomori train station. I bought a book mark made of hinoki at the souvenir shop inside the station as I started reading book and will have the memory of visiting Aomori.

We get to Tokyo in no time. I feel sad to the end of trip.
I have a great time in Aomori prefecture. It become one of the three best place to visit in my trip ever.



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