Aomori #Day5-1 Tachineputa museum

Today's our last day. The bullet train we ride leaves around 3:00 p.m. from Shin-Aomori train station. We wake up earlier in the morning to spend as much time as we can then go to Tachineputa museum or stand nebuta float museum in Goshogawara city. Nebuta is like float and started from lantern in an old age. It is made of wire and washi paper. Craftsman create the outline with wire then stick on washi paper and paint it with a special ink. 
*There are two types of name "Nebuta" or "Neputa", but they are same.

Before going on, let me say something first. I high recommend this museum. It's must see place. I'll do say it many times. I'm sure you'll definitely be amazed and get satisfied there.

The samples of Nebuta float in areas in Aomori prefecture.
From right, Nebuta in Goshogawara city, Aomori city and Hirosaki city.

Aomori is famous for its tradition called Nebuta festival. Its shape is different in areas. For example, Nebuta in Aomori city is much wider, in Goshogawara city is much taller and in Hirosaki city is in the shape of fan. I think it's also interesting to find other differences between them seeing in person. 

Tachineputa that we see this time is quite rather big. The museum has three Thachineputa and each one goes out to the annual summer festival... from the museum! Creating one Tachineputa takes a lot of time so one of them is new and the others are the last two year's. This year's summer festival was supposed to take place, but ended up being cancelled because of COVID-19. However you can see this year's one at the museum.

Showing what Nebuta is created this year and the last two year.

Tachineputa is as tall as three-story-high buildings. There are three floors in the shape of spiral. Each floor shows its histories, explanations and so on. You first go up to the third floor by elevator and then go down rounding seeing them and Tachineputa from various angles. I think it's rare to see them from 360°. A short video about Tachineputa plays every around 20 minutes. Craftsmen's passion for revival of it really moves me. I'm about to cry.  The attitude for doing something seriously often impress people, don't you think? I can touch on their feeling even from the video even if I wasn't there.

Princess Kaguya.

Speaking of Tachineputa, all of them are made in much detail. At the festival it is pulled slowly and slowly by people. It's hard to imagine because it's so huge. Usually you think of one that its lower part is large and upper part is small to require stability. However Tachineputa isn't like that. It's getting bigger and bigger from lower to upper. Can you believe this? I can't believe. I think it might be lack of stability. But it isn't.

In the museum, I guess every an hour, the staff perform the situation of the festival like we're joining it. The sound of taiko is really nice for me. It makes me think of the summer festival. I'll feel like dancing to the sound.  They say "yattemare, yattemare" which means "do it" while making sound by some instruments. Festivals are fantastic. The sound of them is awesome. I'm happy I'm Japanese. I decide to join the festival in Goshogawara city someday.

Cute rabbits.

The words say "Goshogawara city in Aomori prefecture".

I guess we're there for about two hours. I hope that it means worth visiting there. It's full of things to see. I can't stop looking at Tachineputa filled with all the craftsmen's passion. Through learning its history I like it more and hope that it keeps on in the future.

There is also a cafe area inside. I try ice cream of apple that even the inside is red too. It's sweet and more sour than typical one. It's my favorite taste! Even the ice cream is tasty, the apple must be delicious.

The souvenir corner is nice too. It has many goods comes after Nebuta festival. I'm thinking a lot and end up buying nothing.

I highly recommend the Tachineputa museum when you travel to Aomori prefecture.










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