Aomori #Day4-4 Around Mt.Iwaki

When we finish walking around Takayamainari shrine, it is around 3:00 p.m. and we still have time for check-in time. Then we decide to go Mt.Iwaki. It is famous for having many hairpin turns. I've wanted to try to drive on it. 

Unfortunately the entrance just close when we arrive. The weather on top of it is getting worse and worse. I'll definitely try it next time.
There are some shops selling boiled corns in front of the entrance. They look delicious. We buy two to make that a good memory. They are actually quite tasty, and rather different from one we had at ski resort before. It must have been freeze right before serving. It's best to have one cooked right there.

On our way to hotel in Aomori city, we drop by Iwakiyama shrine. There are three large torii in lines. All of them are breathtaking. The statue of dog in front of the main shrine is cute. The dog seems to run away very soon. (I should have taken the picture of it!)

We have Japanese zodiac of 12 animals and every year has one animal.
2020 is so called mouth year in Japan.

The torii gate in front of the main shrine.

Today is the only day we can eat the local food because we'll go back to Tokyo tomorrow. We try Tsuyuyakisoba at a famous small restaurant. Actually we didn't know it was famous before entering. But we find out when waiting for it. Many signs from famous people are hung on walls. I really love the atmosphere of this old restaurant. There is no AC but fan, so it's hot inside. We customer eat ramen sweating a lot. Some news papers are on the table. It feels like an old style. I love it.

Speaking of Tsuyuyakisoba, it's tasty. Just imagine yakisoba noodles is in soup. I think I want to eat again someday. (Sorry next time I'll take the picture of the foods I have during trips.)

After that, we are ahead for our last hotel in this Aomori trip. As my husband loves hot spring he is always in charge of looking for hotels in our trip. We arrived in the evening. It's getting dark. To me the hotel looks a little scary. It's probably because we first arrive at the back of the building. There is almost no light. The night makes the feeling of the hotel much more creepy. Only I think that. My husband doesn't think. But the inside is fine of course! The room and the hot spring are normal. It has a rest space and many kinds of manga. It's only natural that you read them until the other gets out if it is, right? Of course I do that. To me this hotel will be finally the best hotel in our trip.

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