Aomori #Day4-3 Takayamainari shrine

Then we go to Seikan tunnel square that my husband was eager to visit. You can see bullet trains running through the tunnel there. However we didn't look up the timetable in advance. It turns out that the next one is coming in an hour. We can't wait! In the end we only take the pictures of the mouth of the tunnel. The prime minister of that time Nakasone Yasuaki wrote the word "青函隧道" which means Seikan tunnel, and it's on the mouth of the tunnel. The way of his writing is cool. I think he didn't write "青函トンネル" but "青函隧道".

The mouth of Seikan tunnel. Can you see the sign of "青函隧道"?

It's just the time for lunch. I want to have Maguro tuna, then we visit a restaurant called Minmaya. They serve really delicious Maguro tuna bowl! I find out seafood bowls don't have vinegered rice. I finally realize, I've had them many times so far though.

Seafoods we have near port feel delicious. Of course they're originally good, but the fact that having them around sea makes them look more tasty. After lunch we go around. Then we reach Minma train station that is very north train station in Tsugaru peninsula. The name "Minma" sounds cool.

Minma train station.  It's so simple, right?

In the afternoon, we visit Takayamainari shrine that is one of the places I wanted to visit. I thought so after looking at the picture of many torii in lines at the shrine. There are many people. The all the torii look great when seeing from a distance. But each torii looks cheap! (Sorry but it's just my opinion.) To me, it just looks like red colored woods like torii are in lines. By the way there are some people taking pictures with staffed animals with good equipment like reflection. They must be a professional.

A place to wash your hands. You first do here when entering shrine.

Little shrine and windmill. I think they are rare combination!



ちょうどお昼時だったので、近くのお店でご飯をまぐろが食べたくて、海鮮丼を提供しているお店を探した。ここのマグロ丼が美味しくて美味しくて… ってか海鮮丼って酢飯じゃないんだね。やっと気づいた。ここに来るまで何回海鮮丼食べてるんだって話だけど。笑



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