Aomori #Day4-2 Tappi cape and route 339

We were going to Tappi cape after the event, but we get to a port by mistake.

However after walking around here it finds out that here is one of the places we wanted to visit. It is Kaidan kokudo, or route 339 of national highway. Usually national highway is road, right? But route 339 is all made of stone step. Stone step with beautiful hydrangea is registered to national highway of Japan.

The end of route 339. We start to walk up from here.

Luckily we arrive at the end of one. We are happy to come by chance, then start to walk up. Hydrangea and stone step perfectly match. Just then the sun comes out. The ocean we can see from here is beautiful blue. At the end of route 339, it's actually the start of one, there is a sign that says "Go route 339 from here!" We realize that we started walking from the end.

On the way of route 339. Hydrangea is still blooming even in August and each one is so big!

Walking around here, we can see a symbol of Tappi cape. We can also arrive at Tappi cape by chance. There is a stone monument and the song of Tsugaru kaikyo ohashi is playing that comes from this area. Here ended up being our actual goal. The lyric has the word "Tappi cape" and when I hear it I am impressed that we come here. Even after we leave I can't stop singing the song. The lyric is engraved on the monument by the way.

Stones in front of the stone monument come from wave.

Then we start to walk down to the place where our car is. On the way we can see such a beautiful sight. I think we're lucky we started to walk from the end. The time the sun is being out and we're walking down is good timing.



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