Aomori #Day4-1 Seikan tunnel

We woke up earlier in the morning, then got to Seikan tunnel museum. The event of walking the tunnel starts every 30 minutes from 9.00 a.m. We thought it should be crowded if we are in the late.

Since we wanted to avoid that, to apply for 9:00 we got there ten minutes before the museum opens. But even that, we were not able to apply for 9:00. That was already full! Because during COVID-19, they've reduced numbers for each part and it was a summer vacation season! It couldn't be helped. We ended up applying for the next, 9:30.

Until that we saw exhibitions at the museum. While that I thought it was really a big project to make such a challenging tunnel at the bottom of the ocean.

Waking around the tunnel listening to the staff's explanation

A exhibition said that the leak happened several times during making the tunnels. It meant that people would die, didn't it!? People were working at the bottom of the ocean. There were no ways for people to get out.
In a movie of making tunnel people just seemed to dig in a place like caves. But actually it was the bottom of the ocean. I couldn't believe the fact.

I respect all people involved in the project. But whenever I saw such a unbelievable works I suspect this project was just due to make some achievement that the prime minister wanted then.

A cable car that takes you to a tunnel.

In that event, we ride a small cable car and go to a tunnel next to another tunnel where Shinkansen actually runs. They made three tunnels in total. Main one is for Shinkansen and the other ones are for checking the layer at one and bringing some equipment at the other one. It's so amazing project, right? To make a tunnel for Shinkansen in the end, people made more two tunnels. We can experience to be in the tunnel for equipment for around 30 minutes.

Sign says "Seikan tunnel commemoration station" Next is Taiken kodo staion or tunnel for events where you can go.

There are even bicycles! I was surprised at first but I understood soon. The inside is too big to walk all around. I found water dripping. I was thinking about if it was seawater or condensation trying not to be late to others. I hope it isn't seawater. (That means there is a tiny hole in the tunnel.) In the end, we got to an area near the end of the tunnel. Shinkansen runs over the walls of the tunnel. I wish I could have heard Shinkansen running. I wanted to feel the fact that Shinkansen is running over there.

There were more bicycle than I thought.


朝早く起きて、青函トンネル博物館へGOGO!体験坑道は9時から30分置きに開催されているけど、遅くなるにつれて絶対混むと読んだ私たちは朝一の回を狙いました。でも。なんと。10分前に着いたのに9時からの回は販売終了T_T やはり夏休み効果か!コロナもあって、人数も減らしてるのだそう。しょうがない。9:30の回に予約。



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