Aomori #Day3-2 Oma town

After Hotokegaura, we went to Oma town which is about an hour from Hotokegaura. I think it's not far. Oma was lively with tourist! Since Maguro tuna caught in Oma town got popular many people want to try to have one, like me.

Coming by the sea, there is a monument of Maguro tuna and hands grabbing something. It shows catching Maguro tuna by hands.
Actually fisherman do by just one string. Yes, something is strings. Can you believe this!? Maguro tuna isn't small. There are many different size of them. The biggest one is said to be around 250 kg, and the monument of Maguro tuna there is the same size as it. I wonder if a string will be torn during catching them.

The monument of Maguro tuna and hands.

Wind blew too strongly. I couldn't take a selfie well.

Above all, Oma town is the very north area of main island in Japan. Not of Japan. The very north of Japan is Wakkanai city in Hokkaido by the way. The wind blew too strongly to take selfies.

Words say "here is the very north place of main island of Japan"

I enjoyed Maguro tuna bowl at Oma town, (I had at just two restaurants!) then started moving to Tsugaru peninsula where is the west to Shimokita peninsula, across Mutsu gulf.
Usually it's easy to get to the other side using ferry. We were planning on using it too. However, unfortunately, the ferry was under repair. So we needed to go down all the way to the central Aomori city then go up for Tsugaru peninsula. But I like driving so much. I didn't mind that. 

Mysterious monument that I found on the way to Goshogawara city from Oma town.

Today we were supposed to stay at Goshogawara city located in the middle of Tsugaru peninsula. There is no highway from Shimokita peninsula to Tsugaru peninsula, but it only takes around three or four hours with the normal roads.

Later, it turned out that Goshogawara city where we stayed by chance was a fantastic city.

Usually I like to see some brochures that Hotels have. I do to look for another good place to visit. I know the most effective way to find out good areas is to see the local brochures in locals.

Of course I did at that time too. I picked out some brochures and saw in a room. Then I just found that Goshogawara city is really famous for its Tachi Neputa or very tall Neputa float.

From the pictures in the brochure,  they look so higher. How tall are they in building?
In addition, it's surprising Tachi Neputa started in Meiji era, around 100 years ago. I wonder if there were some techniques to build them even at that time.

Finally I added Goshogawara city to the list of visiting spots.

When things like this happens I am Happy. I like this style. Whenever I find places I want to go while traveling, I'll definitely visit in the trip. That will absolutely make my trip much more fantastic.

We went to bed earlier tonight due to going and applying for an event of walking inside Seikan tunnel first thing in the tomorrow morning.








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