Aomori #Day3-1 Hotokegaura

Today's destination is Hotokegaura and Oma town. Especially Oma town is said to be the very north place of the main island of Japan. And it's also famous for Maguro tuna! That is why I've always wanted to go and eat Maguro tuna there. For people who really like sea foods including Maguro tuna, you really must go there.

First, I went to Hotokegaura. Hotokegaura is a area with giants rocks and beaches. I was driving with a navigation system, but I kept on going up and up on the mountains. What? Isn't Hotokegaura like a beach? Don't I walk through rocks standing on a beach? But I had to continue to go up more and more for around 30 minutes. I finally saw a sign for Hotokegaura in the middle of going up. It sounded like we needed to go down the path in front of the sign and park cars then walk down another path to get there.

The first half of the path to get there.

I was enjoying walking down at first. However the path is quite too long. It takes you around 30 minutes. Wooden steps are off and on. You should wear sneakers there. On the way to Hotokegaura, I saw the spectacular view from between trees. Since we came there on hot and humid day so there were a lot of mosquitos!! Be careful of bee too.

The second half of the path.
It's very slope.

We finally reached Hotokegaura. It was overcast at that time so sea looked dark, it is usually emerald blue color though. Rocks are quite bigger than I expected! It was impressed how great nature is when I saw rocks that was once shaped by waves. The ocean use to be at the same level as top of the rocks.

But what I feel most was that the views from far is the best! There is a observatory in the middle towards Oma town from Hotokegaura, and you can see the entire of Hotokegaura from there. When I was in observatory, It suddenly started to rain and I left quickly.
I'll definitely visit there again on a sunny day someday. 

The whole Hotokegaura from an observatory.

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