Aomori #Day2-2 Shiriyazaki cape

After Rokkasho village, we drive north more.
Then we arrive at Shiriyazaki cape. There are many horses called Kandachime there. There used to be only nine Kandachime in 1995. But thank to all the effort, now is around 40. Soon I saw them I was surprised how big they are. They are bigger than I expected. I thought all the Kandachime are having baby. But, they not. They are big so that they can beat winter season.
They are moving freely there. The master of them wasn't there.
You can see up close and touch either, but can't ride on.

Back of Kandachime

They are trying to make friends together..?

You can also enjoy the beautiful view with blue sea and green grass where Kandachime are, other than seeing and touching them. My husband and I took many photos there. To be honest, only I did. He only did follow my order of photo. hehe

Lighthouse in Shiriyazaki cape

By the way, during driving we can see the sign of blueberry sale anywhere. I love something sour, so I visit whenever I can see.
However, most shops are closed because it was Obon week, which is generally considered as a national holiday in Japan.
I got disappointed when I found out it was close despite the fact the sign was outside. To keep it between you and me, I thought they should have put it away if they're close. But, after all, it's just the countryside. I love something in countryside like this.

But, on the way to next destination, we finally found a farm that opened! It cost only 600 yen at 500 grams of blueberry! I got it. And luckily, they are the blueberry that are just harvested. I was very happy. I was eating while driving. Of course my husband hand it to my palm. It was sour, sweet and tasty.

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