Aomori #Day2-1 Rokkasho village

On the second day of this trip, we're going towards Shimokita peninsula. I think it should be the day of moving. We wake up at 8 o'clock then leave the hotel.

Usually I like to travel following my curioucity for signs. Today I did that going to Shimokita peninshura.

First we visited a museum of nuclear power plant in Rokkasho village in that way. The museum is beside the facility dealing with used nuclear fuel.
Rokkasho village is one of the villages with a facility dealing with nuclear fuel problems. Usually those villages don't have enough money because people living there have decreased. I think it's caused by an ageing society with a low birthrate, and that, it's my opinion, the economy is gradually getting worse. I think people tend to come to Tokyo if it is.
That's why the villages can't take some taxes from people, so their budget is very tight. Then, they finally decided to apply for a the government's policy about nuclear fuel. The government also shows a lot of money for that.
The villages have large fields, but not many people. It'a good place to built a facility with nuclear fuel problem.
So that money forms almost all part of the budget of Rokkasho village. This actual situation make me so sad. There is beautiful nature but it'll be used as a place for it. I don't want to believe it.
I understand they don't have money, and it's difficult to keep the village with little money. But after all, it's just money . I feel sad.

By the way, those facilities are far away from the main road, and you can't see them from out.

You can learn about nuclear power plant at the museum, like how it works, comparison with another power in different way and with another country that how much we produce and more.
Speaking of that problem of dealing with nuclear fuel in Rokkasho village, I think it's also risky for drivers who move to nuclear fuel by track.
It's very difficult problem. But we should know the problem as long as we have nuclear power plant in my country.

Roads in Aomori prefecture.
I think it's similar to one in Hokkaido.

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