Aomori #Day1-3 Hachinohe city

Then we went to Tanesashi kaigan beach. I've wanted to go there since I first saw the beautiful photos of it. Oceans and lawn were so nice in the photo. I don't think there's a place that lawn beside ocean in Japan. It got really nice day when we just arrived (It's rather hot.). Every one there spent their own time freely. One was flying kites, and another was climbing rocks on the ocean.  The lawn of Tanesashi kaigan beach is very big.
Lawn of Tanesashi kaigan beach

Then we went to Ashigezaki observatory, which is within around 30 minutes from the beach. The local train was running on the way to it, We can be in a train seeing beautiful ocean and sunset. It should be definitely nice, I thought. I felt like getting on it.

Let's go back to Ashigezaki observatory. The observatory faces oceans and is surrounded a stone wall. It has a round stone circle on the center. I guess it was used for placing batteries during world war, as there are several small holes on its wall. The view towards mountains from the observatory is also nice.
Ashigeszaki observatory

We still had a few times so we decided to go to Kabusaki shrine. It didn't take time from Ashigezaki observatory. I think it was around 30 minutes. In my husband opinion, this shrine has nonsense. (It's just my husband's opinion!) The shrine is on top of a little island and it's too big for the size of the island. I didn't care about it, but he said that. It depends on personal tastes, right? Many black-tailed gull were flying. I was amazed by such a big torii gate but we didn't end up walking up to the shrine.
Kabusaki shrine

We are going to Shimokita peninsula next day, we stayed at Kamikita sakura onsen hotel on the way to it. Public bath is so huge! It has many different types of bath. Many locals came and used it too. I thought the hotel is loved by them. The bath is a place to talk with others and neighborhoods for them. What a nice place.

The hotel has washers and dryers and I was saved by them. I didn't bring many clothes for this trip in order to get my stuff light. You can ask the staff laundry detergent too.

We booked a room with dinner and the dinner was so gorgeous. They served many dishes for us. I'm sure you'll be satisfied with this hotel like us!

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