Aomori #Day 2-3 Osorezan

We went to Osorezan first thing this afternoon which is a sacred mountain in Japan. Osorezan is believed as a power spot and that you may get a magical power. 
It was pouring down before going into Osorezan, but suddenly it stopped raining and sun came out after getting in Osorezan surrounded by many mountains. I got badly sunburned.
There is a woman called Itako. She is said to be able to bring the spirit of died people in heaven to this world. It's like the jutsu Edotensei in NARUTO. She wasn't there when I visited.

The back of Osorezan

There is even free hot spring in Osorezan. Hot spring for man is located at a place where it can be seen. On the other hand, for woman, it's a little far from for man. I saw a few people in hot springs.

Osorezan has many jizo or stone statue of child. That's because Osorezain is known for a place people honor their child who died in early age. You can see many jizo of child left and right.

Osorezan is huge. There is a small hill, a beautiful emerald lake and more. Time passes quietly and slowly. It's a perfect place to stay in relax.

Views from a small hill.

Can you see a rest house among rocks?
Also there are many jizo of child there.

Actually there is a river called Sanzunokawa nearby. Sanzunokawa is said a river which sits on the border between heaven and this world. Japanese often say "across Sanzunokawa" when you indirectly mean I'm dying. A red bridge is over the river, but you cannot walk on for now.

Sanzunokawa with a red bridge.

It was around 4:00 p.m. when we finished walking around Osorezan. We had still times for now, so we went to a gorge nearby. However I felt like sleeping at the same time. We decided to spend a few minutes sleeping in a car at a public parking area. But it turned out we fell asleep for an hour and a half! We gave up going around the gorge, left there then moved to today's hotel in front of Ominato train station.

Ominato train station is a entrance to go around Shimokita peninsula.
I think there should be a rent car service there, but for now we only have a choice to do it at Shimokita train station next to Ominato train station.








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  • -that you may get magical power. [Since one can not quite measure power using “a” would seem as though you are quantifying it, so you shouldn’t put “a” before magical power]
    -and the sun: since sun is a noun we put “the” before it to be specific.
    -to bring the spirit of dead people: we use dead which is an adjective.
    -“There is even free hot spring*s* in Osorezan.”: Since they are many.
    -“The hot spring for men is located at a place where it can be seen. On the other hand, for women, it’s a little far from the one for man.”: again we use THE to be specific about the noun hot spring. men and women because we are talking about many. from the one to show exactly that it’s far from which position.
    -Sanzunokawa is said to be a river.
    -Japanese often say: To be specific again about the noun Japanese, we say “The Japanese” or “Japanese people” because you can also have “Japanese cars” or “Japanese food”.
    -“An entrance” since the noun starts with a vowel.

    Really enjoyed the read Haruyo San plus the details. The place looks really nice and I’d love to visit it and explore the place. Thank you


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