Hitachinaka city in Ibaraki prefecture #One day trip 2

Next destination is Hiraiso train station to see a big statue of whale called Daichan. But Minato line is so minor that they only come every 30 minutes! And we miss one just leaving. So we walk to the next destination as exercise. While walking we see many sweet potato fields left and right. Hitachinaka city is a big producer of sweet potato in Japan!

With the blue ocean on the left, walking with the sound of the waves is the best. I really love the color of the sea that can be seen in winter season. Deep blue, isn't it?

Daichan can float and has a on his back. 
Usually when the event "opening of swimming" take place, he go out to sea!

We walked to Hiraiso station, then go to Daichan. 
It's a bit different from what I thought, but it's good as it is! There are many people doing fishing. Oh, there are many tetra pots too. We can go close to them but we don't. Only taking pictures of Daichan, we leave.

In the sign, you can see the illustration of reverberatory furnace, train and cat.
They are all related to Nakaminato city.

Lastly, we go to Nakaminato train station where a dried sweet potato specialty store is there that my husband loves.

Recently we buy one at grocery stores. It's just coincidence that Hitachinaka city we visit is famous for it too. We found the shop on a tourist map I took at Katsuta train station. 

The monument of dried sweet potato.

The shop's name is Daimaruya. It's about 5 minutes from the station to walk. My husband, who really like dried sweet potato, buy a lot of products. They sell many kinds of products by variety of sweet potato or thickness of it. They also sell sweet potato cake with plenty of potato in it. On top of that, they are all made in Darumaya. In other words, this dried sweet potato specialty store makes product by itself. It must absolutely be delicious, don't you think? But unfortunately I can't buy for me because I'm on a diet. I'm so jealous!

After that, it's almost 7 pm, we ride a limited express at Katsuta train station to Tokyo. The trip by local train is interesting too. I can see many new things in this trip. It's so productive. Nice trip it is.



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Hitachinaka city tourist spot
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