Hitachinaka city in Ibaraki prefecture #One day trip 1

Trip begins suddenly.

I like to take travel brochures at train stations home, and enjoy looking at them. This time, I happened to do of "Let's go by Joban train line." Joban train line runs between, from south, Tokyo, western part of Chiba and Ibaraki prefecture. I used to use it from Chiba to Tokyo when I was in college. But I never went for Ibaraki. That's why I decided to try going north by Joban line.

Our trip always starts that way. Just a little thing makes trip plan before I knew it. I love it.

Our destination was decided as the last stop of Joban train line is Tsuchiura or Katsuta in Ibaraki prefecture. We found a local train called Hitachinaka Kaihin Minato train line (call it Minato line here) runs from Katsuta train station that works with diesel engine, not electricity. It sounded interesting so we'll go to Katsuta then transfer to Minato line.

It's been a while since I sit on a green seat of JR train line. Green seat is so-called high grade seat. You need to pay extra fee that is different by destination. The seat is wider and you can lower it. There's nothing quite like it. Also the car of the green seats has two floors. In our case we sit in the second floor and it feels like we're being on a journey. I want to ride it even when going snowboarding.

At Katsuta train station we transfer to Minato line, then first we go to Ajigaura train station, the final stop.

Chrysanthemum, topknot and beard in the sign are after the train station's name "殿山".

While riding I find that the signs of the stations are very unique. It's not a normal letter. The sign expresses not only the station's name but also what famous are here in illustration. I enjoy thinking "what the illustration in the sign means?"

In Japanese the train station's name Kokimae means "factory".
Can you see screwdriver, electricity and saw in it?

Our destination in Ajigaura is a shrine called Sakatsura isosaki shrine. When we saw a picture of the path inside with trees like a arch, that made me get interested to visit. On the way to the shrine, there are local signs of destinations. And they are even designed like that too. Very interesting.

Even local signs are unique! Mix of Kanji and illustration. Interesting.

Trees in the shrine are living strongly and wildly. I get energy from them. They show their power living like this. That reminds me of one in Malawi. I can keep looking at them. I like the trees standing up straight, most of all, I like the twisted and not thick trees. They both have good points. There are a statue of horse to be honored and of turtle said to bring luck for money.


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