Yesterday's dance lesson.

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

Yesterday was a dance day! Every Friday I take a lesson of HOUSE dance. Anytime I say it, I'm usually asked "What's HOUSE ?" I think HOUSE dance is similar to TAP dance. In HOUSE dance you're moving your legs very quickly with upbeat sounds.

What made me dance HOUSE dance? It was around five years ago when I first saw HOUSE dance. At that time I started HIPHOP dance. I got into dance since then. I asked my colleague who used to dance for dancing together. I booked a room and there we danced freely. One of them danced HOUSE dance. It was super cool. Then I wished I could dance HOUSE dance like him.  Finally, I started HOUSE dance.

I quit it once but started again a year ago. I met a wonderful instructor who has the same taste in music. 
After that, I realized why I couldn't continue HOUSE dance before. I know it was a reason that the studio was too far from my house. But the most important thing is, I didn't have the same taste in music, movements with instructors. I really love the current instructor's choice of music and movements. That's why I can keep on HOUSE dance by now.

Anyway, after the lesson time changed from 60 minutes to 80 minutes, I can't keep my concentration the whole time. But I managed to follow the lesson yesterday.

Recently members increased and new problem happened. It's position where you dance!
Because no one try to dance in front (including me), so the back is always a bit tight.
You may say "so you should go in front." But... I don't. I'm not confident about my dance.

Yesterday I danced in front more than usual. But thanks to it I learned that I would concentrate more than in back. I think it's probably because you are being watched.

Now the rule that we need to book in advance is still working. But sometimes it makes me think a lot whether I should go when I feel sick, don't feel like going or it pours.
Participants are up to 10 people to avoid being crowded. So there may be someone who can't attend as I booked. That's why I feel duty to go when I book in spite of any feelings.
I want to be freely so I hope it ends soon.


This is called sea of cross, and said the place where your dreams come true. 




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