What's your favorite fruits? I like...

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

Recently it's cooler in Japan. I feel like the summer season is going to end soon. Autumn might be just around the corner.

Yesterday, I learned that peach and nectarine are different fruits.
My mom had asked me what fruits my husband likes and I answered peach and pear.
Right after answering she came to my shop where I'm working and brought those fruits. 
Seeing closely, the label on peach said it's nectarine and I've never known it.
However I had it while thinking it as peach. It was much sour!
I finally found out it was the fruit called nectarine. I've learn a good lesson!
I think I'm nectarine person. I love sour fruits like lemon, kiwi by nature.

On the other hand, my husband actually doesn't like nectarine.
I'm going to have all of them instead and I'll tell my mom that they are tasty from him.

I've been having only fruits in the morning for a month.
I was happy to have three kinds of fruits this morning. Pear, nectarine and kiwi!

I really love fruits. Fruits is the best.
I'm getting hungry soon though.


Yesterday I felt down all day, especially it was worst at work.
I wasn't motivated at all about everything. I was trying to put up with pain.
I thought health care is the most important thing from everything.

Now, I'm getting better.


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