Today was a special day for me.

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

As the title, I was happy since I had a great time today.
At work, I was able to do anything I wanted. And I made friends with a woman who came to my shop.
Once I talked to her, I felt we become friends soon. Usually I can't ask customers to make friends with me as I'm nervous and worried if they will think it strange. But today I had courage to ask.
Finally I exchanged accounts of Facebook and promised to hang out soon.

And, I put a post on Facebook. It has been more than six months.
I'm often nervous about how many good I will get. But today, I changed. I started not to care about it.

I take a dance lesson every Friday. Until today, it was for person who just started dancing. But from today, the lesson become a beginner lesson. Lesson time changed 60 min to 90 min.
I was excited but worried at the same time. I've known that other dance lessons do "pick out who are the best today" in lessons. It's done even in other kinds of beginner class. 
I don't like this. I feel it's like competition. I would feel failure when I'm not picked out.
But the lesson was as usual. That was a relief. I was able to enjoy the entire of the lesson as usual.
There was a woman who took the lesson for the first time. But for me, she seem to be down rather than happy. I think it's probably because it was the first day for her. 
I talked to her to encourage. Then we became friends. I told her to come to the lesson next week again but she sounded she wouldn't come again.
I hope she come and we dance together.

I can sleep very well when I take a lesson like today.
I had a great time today. I'm very happy.
I promise to myself to be aggressive more.


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