Thinking about Japan's future #2

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

I'll continue to talk about Japan's future.

In Japan, the young don't go to vote. This fact hasn't changed for ages. I think this is the famous fact over the world.
I wonder why. Why the young don't. That's because they are not into politics. So why aren't they so? That's because Japan won't change better after all.

I agree to it that people don't get interested in something without changes.

And there are other reasons. Japan is an super ageing society with low birthrate.
It is said that one in four is elder people. In Japan we get right to vote over 18 years old and can continue to have one until we die.
Of course many people tend to vote for people showing the policy close to myself.
I mean, for example elder people tend to vote for policy that will be helping to them. In younger people cases, vice versa.
But there are much more elder people than younger.
The result is easy to see. Even if all the younger people vote, they'll lose to the number of elder people in the end.
That's why younger people don't go to vote. They think Japan won't change even if prime minister change.
As I see many data, I feel Japan has been getting poor every year in economy, population, happiness and more.
I wonder if politicians do something for making Japan better.
They just do to help people around them. Not for people in Japan. Just for limited people around politician.
I was wondering if it is only Japan?

I'd like to relax in such a amazing nature.




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