Thinking about Japan's future #1

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

I was shocked by the news saying "the new top five members of Japan's new government including new prime minister are around 71 years old on average." The oldest person is 81 years old, and he has had a lot of authority for ages. Can you believe this? Although in other countries there are younger prime minister in thirties, older person are still elected in Japan.
I can never think those will be able to make Japan much better in this global society.

The other day I wondered why younger prime minister doesn't come in Japan and found a article that may help answer this question.
According to it, first, the young of assembly are much less than in other countries. Why? It's because you need lots of money when you're trying to run for election, even a election of city. The figure says that the cost for election in Japan is three times higher than other countries.
No wonder the number of the young in assembly is little.
There is a reason why it much costs. That's because of stopping many people from trying to running for.  I don't know when this rule was set but I think it doesn't suit this time.

That's all for today. I'll write more next time. 

At a pier of an uninhabited island in Japan.




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